Mobilization of CBOs (समुदाय परिचालन )
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Community mobilization is one of the very important issues for preventing human trafficking and gender based violence. The goal of the implementing this community program is to reduce human trafficking & gender based violence in the communities through sensitization & creation of self employment opportunities.

KI Nepal  focuses on the prevention aspect of the human trafficking. We are clear that until and unless the root causes are addressed, the solution can’t be effective and efficient. Our trained girls returned from the safe home form a nucleus along with other peers. They carry out regular meeting and discussions in their community.  More than 75 CBOs and 5 cooperatives are managed by women that are established with the support of KI Nepal and some cooperatives are in the process of registration

Additionally, we support on their capacity building and institutionalize their practices. Few training packages on leadership development, record keeping and administration, accounting, documentation etc. are provided. Each of these groups and cooperatives develop their own business plan. The project staff members provide the onsite coaching and mentoring them to implement their business plan. Linkage with local authority is considered while carrying out all these activities.