Rescue From Abroad (भारत तथा तेस्रो मुलुकवाट उद्धार तथा स्वदेश फिर्ती)

According to the study found in Nepal, about 10,000 girls and women are sold to India in sex trafficking. These days, many thousands Nepalese go the third countries such as China, middle-east countries, Africa, Europe etc. in the name of employment and trafficked. Lots of women and girls as well as men are also trafficked in different countries.

KI Nepal focuses on addressing the issue of trafficking of minors and women through rescue and repatriation  from India and other countries. KI Nepal is working closely with Delhi Police and Delhi Commission for Women in New Delhi. 65 women/girls and 14 children are rescued and repatriated from India and a woman from Kuwait in the last 8 months of 2018.