Border Surveillance, Information Sharing, Counseling and Rescue (सीमा निगरानी,सूचना सम्प्रेषण,परामर्श तथा उद्धार)

As we have open borders in the east, west and the south with India, the free movement of general public across the borders has made easier for trafficking to India and through India to other countries in the Middle East. KIN has continued its border surveillance program in eight major cross border points of Rani in Biratnagar, Jamunaha and Khadaicha in Nepaljunj, Inaruwa in Birgunj, Yatrugate & Linkgate in Krishnaanagar, Sunauli in Rupandehi, Madi in Chitwan & Kakadvitta in Jhapa district of Nepal. There is a team of trained staff, 4- 6 in numbers in each border.

KI Nepal’s trained border surveillance teams are on duty every day from morning to evening inquiring every young village girl and her accompaniment crossing border into India to distinguish her situation. Our staff members are always alert and looking into the traffic, crowded streets and any possible areas and especially look for traffickers (the person who are trying to take them across the border). If such cases are found, the girls are taken into the counseling room in the emergency shelters nearby each borders we work and further investigation proceeds with the support from local security authority. KI Nepal provides food and transportation to these girls and accompanying staff during the entire process.  About 500 girls and women are rescued from the border surveillance program and more than 20 cases of human trafficking and transportation are being registered every year.

 11459 girls and women received information and counseling service through different borders.