Men Up Defender/Public Awareness Program

Public Awareness Program will be held on 5 may, 2018 at Kalika Municipality-2 Padampur Chitwan organized by Chetana Cheli Cooperative Coordination with Cheli Nepal, Kalika Municipality,Confederetion of Nepalese Teachers and Nepal police supported by KI Nepal.


Take a moment and ask yourself this: how often have we heard stories of men or boys harassing and sexually assaulting women or girls? Chances are it’s been recounted too many times. But, hope is never lost. Every once in awhile, a story comes along telling us of young men who dare to embrace change – young men who swear to be equality activists. Before we go on though, we must first ask: what does being an equality activist really mean?

It means that young men are proud to change
It means that young men will support women
It means that young men will prevent violence

In other words, it means that there are some men who are ashamed what their gender is doing to women. They are willing to help bring change, especially when faced with the appalling data that one crime is committed against women every 3 minutes. They want to turn this clock around to zero violence. They say, “Either you are part of the solution or you are part of the problem.”


Are you a Defender?

Today, I am making a commitment in my life to demonstrate the following before my family and friends:

  • I am taking a stand to fight against pornography, stripping, prostitution or any form of the commercial sex industry.
  • I will hold my friends accountable for their thoughts, words and actions toward women and children.
  • I will take immediate action to protect those I love from this destructive market.