सीप विकास तालिम/ व्यवसायमा सहयोग(Skill Development Training/Business Support-304 Girls & Women)

In addition to shelter support, KIN  has been providing skills development training to trafficking survivors and at-risk women/girls. Traffickers find very easy to lure/trick the women/girls who don’t have their job or any income sources. Record shows that they have been trapped easily in the name of good job and other opportunities that ultimately end in trafficking. Skills development is an essential element in improving the employ ability and potential productivity of the working individual and can be an important tool for reducing poverty and social exclusion. Furthermore, it also helps to mitigate the potential threats of human trafficking. Similarly, such skills are found useful to break the vicious circle of poverty; inadequate education, poor training, low productivity and poor quality jobs with low wages. Women in these groups typically face additional difficulties or discrimination in accessing good quality training and using it to secure better work. Therefore, KIN  has developed different skills development package where women can join as per their interest and capability.

Currently, Tailoring; Hand Embroidery and Beautician training to those who stays in Safe Homes and even to the community people is being provided. After acquiring the skills, the women are encouraged to run their own business. For that, organization provides a start-up support for the beneficiaries and constantly follows up until and unless they are settled with their business.